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Company History

Over the years InfraStructure has been involved with nearly all things structural (and related) – basically, any infrastructure system requiring skeletal support (either on the inside, outside, or stand-a-lone / above ground or below).

InfraStructure has been involved with bridges, buildings, and special structure (water / wastewater, transmission / distribution, communication, etc.); on projects from inception through demolition (including planning studies, preliminary engineering, final design, construction engineering, modeling, clash detection, visualization / sequencing, forensics, etc.).

Since its inception in 1997, InfraStructure has grown to include approximately 30 individuals – about half being engineers, with about half of those engineers registered in over 35 states, collectively. From the very beginning, the experienced leadership team relied on its (now proven successful) working management team approach, to provide client value/satisfaction and long-term, repeat, working relationships.

InfraStructure is looking forward to our next 25 successful years of continuous operation – we’ll see you there.

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Our Philosophy

Public safety and client satisfaction are paramount to InfraStructure’s success.  These two tenets form the underlying motivation for InfraStructure’s integrated project development philosophy and detail-oriented design approach.  They are also mutually beneficial to InfraStructure and its clients. InfraStructure believes that minimizing unexpected issues during design, construction, and operation/maintenance of structures is of critical importance to all stakeholders; and ultimately leads to satisfied clients.  Satisfied clients return to InfraStructure and long-term relationships are formed and solidified.

InfraStructure’s view is that client satisfaction starts with a common understanding of important project design, construction, and operation/maintenance issues; and that this common understanding is established early in the project development process during the scoping, scheduling, and budgeting phase. This common project understanding can only be achieved with open communication between client and InfraStructure personnel and is critical to project success.

Of course, InfraStructure has a formal Quality Assurance plan that considers project size, complexity, and potential stakeholder risks and rewards.  But the formal QA plan is no substitute for coupling experienced and qualified professionals with a quality focused and ethics oriented organizational culture.

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